paths - a newbie question

Walter walterk1 at
Sat Apr 5 08:06:04 PST 2003

Mike Meyer wrote:
> In <3E8EF5F3.2040405 at>, Walter <walterk1 at> typed:
>>After installing a port using "pkg_add -r <util>," the only
>>way I know to be able to type <util> at the command prompt
>>to have it execute is either to reboot, or to make an alias
>>for it by hand.  Surely there's a better way.  Is there a
>>way to make the OS make a link auto-majically?  Thanks.
> This is your shell, not the OS. Without knowing which shell you are
> using, I can't say for sure, but you might try the "rehash" command.
> 	<mike

Beauty!  Worked great.  (It's the /bin/csh.)
Maybe someone could add a note on this to the
ports/packages section of the handbook??



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