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On Wed, Apr 02, 2003 at 08:19:24AM -0800, Bsd Neophyte wrote:
> i posted a message earlier, unfortunately, i received no responses.  so i
> guess i'll ask a different question.
> i've moved my HD from one system to another.
> is it possible to rebuild the MBR?  i'm booting from a promise controller.
>  initially i was booting from the primary controller but now i'm booting
> from the second ide contoller now.
> i'm assuming there is a mismatch.  i guess need to boot off of the generic
> kernel and reconfigure.  i have a great deal of information on this drive,
> so i would really not like to do a reinstallation.

If you just moved the drives, and did not edit the /etc/fstab
then just boot to single user mode, and edit the /etc/fstab.
Remember that when you boot to single user mode, you will not 
have the partitions mounted, do a mount -a -t ufs to get the 
/ partition to read/write, and then you can mount the other 
partitions as neccessay, I would recommend mounting /usr and
/var so that vi will work, or you can use ed to edit the /etc/fstab.

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