Which Processor and motherboard is better (new to FreeBSD)

David Landgren david at landgren.net
Tue Apr 1 04:41:38 PST 2003

Paredes Sánchez Martín A. wrote:
> Hi:
> I want to build a new PC with FreeBSD, which processor
> is best for FreeBSD.
> Intel builds processors and motherboards, which gave me
> a feel of good performance between this two elements.
> Intel has something called Hyper-Threading Technology,
> Which turbo charges your PC to respond to today's
> multitasking lifestyle.

4.7 knows about hyper-threading, insofar as the kernel config file 
admits an 'HTT' option. As to whether it's better or not to have it, I 
can't really say. 2.4GHz is so ridiculously fast (kernel compiles in 
less than two minutes, postfix in less than a minute)... I suspect it 
will be difficult to detect the difference between with/without in 
everyday use.

I'm building a new mail relay, and it turns out the machine was 
specified as RAID-5. I suspect that that is going to have a much more 
adverse impact on performance than HTT or not.

As to "responding to today's multitasking lifestyle", I sooner see PAE 
implemented in the kernel, to unlock the memory I have above 4Gb.


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