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The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o ports/156811 python     lang/python32 has lower priority then lang/python31
o ports/156759 python     [patch] lang/python: kevent does not accept KQ_NOTE_EX
o ports/156425 python     lang/python26: Needs to include -L/usr/local/lib/pth i
o ports/156076 python     [patch] databases/py-sqlite3: Undefined symbol "sqlite
o ports/155970 python     [PATCH] lang/python: speed up upgrade-site-packages
o ports/155936 python     lang/python27 Pthread: previous declaration of ...
o ports/155526 python     [PATCH] devel/py-elementtree: ignore if python >= 2.5
o ports/155099 python     lang/python*: Not handled "" file by pyth
o ports/154795 python     [PATCH] Mk/ style changes
o ports/154209 python     [PATCH] lang/python: Install symlink for ptags
o ports/153952 python     lang/python26 + pth fails to reconfigure cflags to inc
o ports/153167 python     Problem with signals, threads, and subprocesses in lan
o ports/152886 python     databases/py-bsddb fails to build with databases/db51
o ports/152224 python     [patch] fix installed permissions for lang/python27
o ports/151534 python     lang/python26 + WITH_PTH doesn't install correctly
f ports/150184 python     cannot install ports/math/py-numpy
o ports/149167 python     lang/python26 fails to build _ctypes on Sheevaplug (AR
o ports/148406 python     [PATCH] lang/python26: fix build backage without threa
o ports/147291 python     lang/python* doesn't compile when WITHOUT_NIS s
o ports/146957 python     Mk/ PYTHONOPTIMIZE=1 in environ(7) break
o ports/146823 python     [patch] lang/python26: knob to build _ctypes module ag
o ports/146644 python     lang/python26: WITH_PTH option breaks most ports depen
o ports/140968 python     x11-toolkits/py-tkinter(devel/pth): py26-tkinter-2.6.4
o ports/136917 python     [patch] lang/python26: gettext detection
o ports/133081 python     [] PYEASYINSTALL_ARCHDEP=yes makes broken
o ports/118301 python     [patch] devel/py-setuptools easy-install.pth contents 
o ports/115940 python     Missed one file in lang/python25 if NO_NIS defined

27 problems total.

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