Using Python 2.5.1 for py-* ports?

Richard J. Dawes rich at
Fri Jun 29 22:45:56 UTC 2007


Using portupgrade I was able to install lang/python25
with no problems.

But the py-* ports I've checked (with the very handy
"pretty-print-build-depends-list" make target) all have
python24-2.4.4 as the dependency.

When I look at the Makefiles, they don't specify, or
check for the usual knob syntax, or try to see what I
have installed.  It just goes to the default in, I'm guessing...

Would someone please advise me as to what knob(s) to
set in my make.conf?  If there's no support for those (?)
what would be the best manual approach?  (I'd try to put
such options in my pkgtools.conf...)

Many thanks to any suggestions!!



Richard J. Dawes                      rich at

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