Using Python 2.5.1 for py-* ports?

Tom Grove freebsd at
Thu Jul 5 20:02:31 UTC 2007

Richard J. Dawes wrote:
> Greetings!
> Using portupgrade I was able to install lang/python25
> with no problems.
> But the py-* ports I've checked (with the very handy
> "pretty-print-build-depends-list" make target) all have
> python24-2.4.4 as the dependency.
> When I look at the Makefiles, they don't specify, or
> check for the usual knob syntax, or try to see what I
> have installed.  It just goes to the default in
>, I'm guessing...
> Would someone please advise me as to what knob(s) to
> set in my make.conf?  If there's no support for those (?)
> what would be the best manual approach?  (I'd try to put
> such options in my pkgtools.conf...)
> Many thanks to any suggestions!!
> -Rich
 From the file...

# This file contains some variable definitions that are supposed to
# make your life easier when dealing with ports related to the Python
# language. It's automatically included when USE_PYTHON or PYTHON_VERSION
# is defined in the ports' makefile. Define PYTHON_VERSION to override the
# defaults that USE_PYTHON would give you. If your port requires only some
# set of Python versions, you can define USE_PYTHON as [min]-[max] or
# min+. (eg. 2.1-2.3, 2.0+ or -2.2)

By guess would be that you should define PYTHON_VERSION in make.conf.


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