Plone 2-RC4

Filippo Natali filippo.natali at
Thu Jan 22 06:09:21 PST 2004


I have update my plone-devel port to Plone2-RC4:

This version includes the new OPTIONS macro for menu-driven
configuration, so I think that a freshly updated ports tree is needed.

If you want to install Formulator from ports, define WITH_FORMULATOR
or enable it from menu. When new products will be ported, I'll add
new options.

As usual the port is only for testing purposes, use it at your own risk :)
Comments from testers are appreciated, thanks!

best regards,
Filippo Natali
Widestore srl
Via Borgo dei Leoni 70/F - 44100 Ferrara (Italy)
Tel +39 0532 242425 Fax +39 0532 242298 - +39 0532 213000
email: filippo.natali at

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