USE_ZOPE vs. python modules

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Sun Feb 22 01:28:45 PST 2004

Dear maintainers,

the breakage of www/zope-cmfphoto
seems to have roots in the current structure.

Basically if you define USE_ZOPE in a port, you'll get Python 2.1 by default,
if you just define USE_PYTHON You'll get Python 2.3.

The result is that if a port that uses zope depends on an another that doesn't,
you'll get different versions of the python modules (py21-imaging vs. py23-imaging
in this case), which breaks installation.

The workaround would be either to set the system-wide default to 2.1 or update
zope to a version supporting 2.3. I am aware of the recent thread `Zope 2.6.4 vs 2.7',
I just wanted to notify you because www/zope-cmfphoto is marked as BROKEN (and
scheduled for removal), for reasons that lie beyond the responsibilites of this
port (or its maintainer).


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