www/zope-coreblog has trouble with python 2.4

HAYASHI Yasushi yasi at yasi.to
Sun Dec 5 05:34:43 PST 2004

I'm COREBlog (www/zope-coreblog) maintainer.

When I tried to use COREBlog with python 2.4, there was a trouble.
COREBlog imports 'rotor' module which is deleted from python 2.4,
so it can't run.

COREBlog author says he will modify it to be able run with python 2.4.
But he needs some days or weeks.

I want to modify www/zope-coreblog and www/zope that build and run 
COREBlog/Zope with python 2.3.  What is better way for me?

I think:
  - Add a line 'USE_PYTHON=2.3' into www/zope-coreblog/Makefile
  - And also change 'USE_PYTHON=2.3-' to 'USE_PYTHON=2.3' in www/zope

Thank you.
Yasushi Hayashi
yasi at yasi.to

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