Installation Freebsd 7.2 AMD64 on Proliant DL385 G5p

Mark O'Keefe bmsg32 at
Fri Nov 6 15:51:24 UTC 2009

I also am using 2-sas drives.  I did not set them up using the firmware controller (that might be my issue for not being able to write to the disks). I just (physically) installed both of them and didn't set them up.  I am trying to install 7-2 Release AMD64.  I wasn't sure if I needed to install any of HP's software before I can install FreeBSD?

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> Subject: Re: Installation Freebsd 7.2 AMD64 on Proliant DL385 G5p
> SomeoneHere wrote:
> > I just purchased one of these for our company as our mail server.  
> I have one of these running freebsd-current currently.  It has 2-sas
> drives in mirror mode, set from the firmware controller setup.  To the
> install (I used a PXE install) it appeared as a normal drive and the
> install went off without a hitch.
> > I have ran
> > freebsd on boxes (mail server, webserver, proxy server, ftp, etc) but this
> > is the first actual "server" box.  Trying to install this on the box with
> > the default geometry makes me receive the "Write failure on transfer (wrote
> > -1 bytes of 1425408 bytes)" error.
> Which release are you trying to install?  8.0-RC2?  Did you get a
> warning about the disk geometry from sysinstall?
> >  Alt-f2 is showing
> > /stand/cpio: premature end of file.  I have downloaded the image twice and
> > burned twice yet receive the same error.  Is it not able to write because
> > when using the default geometry it cannot format?  If anyone can point me in
> > the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
> This error you make me believe that the target media is not writable.
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