Server reboots at random

Barry Friedman bf.mbox at
Fri Jun 20 21:05:51 UTC 2008

I made the changes Edwin suggested and after several crash cycles no dump
files have been generated.  I will look into using conserver and see
if that catches anything.

One other anomaly that I have noticed with this machine is that when
receiving file transfers
the thruput is throttled down to a trickle although on transfers out
it runs at full speed.

Also ssh login to the ilo doesn't seem to work although I can connect
to it with a  browser

Thanks for the advice.
Barry Friedman
Emax Computer Systems Inc.,
480 Tweedsmuir Ave.,
Ottawa, Ont. Canada K1Z 5N9
Phone: (613) 725-3198 Fax: 725-0298

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