Server reboots at random :-(

BarryFriedman at BarryFriedman at
Wed Jun 18 16:41:06 UTC 2008

I am running a DL380 G4 with an unmodified freeBSD 7.0-RELEASE kernel /
no customization / all firmware up to date. I had it on my local network
for a month and it seemed to be stable, however when it was moved into a
hosting datacenter and connected to the internet I noticed that it was
rebooting at random once or more a day. The machine is connected to two
different UPSs so should not be losing power.

ILO event log shows a series of Server reset and Server power restored
messages with no other significant events logged.

System logs do not show any cause of reboot, other than WARNING: / was
not properly dismounted etc. which would seem to indicate that a hard
reset has occurred.

Power regulator mode in the ilo is disabled.

Any ideas about how to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated.

Barry Friedman
Emax Computer Systems Inc.,
Ottawa, Ont. Canada K1Z 5N9

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