bge interface configuration caused throttling : Solved

Søren Klintrup soren at
Wed Jul 9 08:40:40 UTC 2008

Barry Friedman wrote:
> OS:  FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p2
> Machine:  HP Proliant DL380G4
> Network adapter: HP NC7782 Gigabit Server Adapter
> Apparently the use of configuration directives :
>   ifconfig_bge0="inet xx.xx.xx.xx  netmask media 100baseTX 
>   mediaopt full-duplex"  
> caused  incoming network traffic to be throttled to a trickle.  When 
> the media and mediaopt parameters were removed the interface worked 
> perfectly.  Is this gotcha a bug in the bge driver and if so how
> should it be reported?
This is by design in the 'autosense' specification.

If both devices use autosense, they will negotiate a speed and use that 
(this does occasionally fail, but it's not something I see very often).

If one device is configured to autosense, and the other is not - the 
autosense device will always fall back to half-duplex, if you want to 
force full-duplex operation, you have to force this on both ends of the 


Søren Klintrup

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