no remcons in ilo2?

John Cagle jcagle at
Wed Aug 15 09:23:57 PDT 2007

That's not quite true.  The only remote *video* console access in iLO2
is through the iLO web interface, which has java *and* activeX
applets.  Due to the new video graphics interface, a "screen-scraping"
text mode is no longer possible.

However, iLO2 has a very good Virtual Serial Port implementation,
which on the dl360 will be COM2 by default.  This can be changed in
the ROM setup screen (RBSU) from COM2 to COM1.

SSH to iLO2, then run the "vsp" command to get access.

- John

On 8/15/07, Lukas Ertl <le at> wrote:
> brad miele wrote:
> >
> > sorry, not exactly a fbsd question, but just ssh'd to a new dl360 via
> > ilo2 and remcons doesn't seem to be an option. does it still exist?
> Nope, and I really have no idea why HP would remove such a useful feature.
> The only remote console access in ILO2 is via the Java applet.
> cheers,
> le
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