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You need to confirm you have the correct drivers in your kernel. I believe, but do not know, that the CD appears as a scsi CD through the USB/cam stack. (Maybe someone can confirm).

Unless something like usbd picks up the device being "connected" you may need to rescan with camcontrol.


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do you have to rescan the bus or something to get the device to show up once you create it in ilo? it seems that i should see something happen in messages when i create the virtual drive.

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>>>> hi,
>>>> my comabny just upgrade ilo licenses on all of my machines. the new 
>>>> version has something called a virtual cdrom. Has anyone used this? 
>>>> I
>>>> tried using it today, but it didn't seem to do anything. Is it 
>>>> supposed to create a new entry in /dev or does it replace the 
>>>> onboard cd device?
>>> The ILO virtual media will appear as a physical device to the OS.
> Since
>>> it is accessible under boot, we use it to remote install servers. 
>>> Plug
> in
>>> power & ILO, and install from the cdrom(or an image) on your local 
>>> computer. Since this uses HTTP/SSL it can be done over the internet. 
>>> I just used it to install 6.1 on one of our systems.
>>> It does not replace the onboard cd device as far as I know, it acts
> just
>>> as another device. Note that in addition to mounting local CD's, you
> can
>>> also mount image files, virtual floppies etc etc.
>> thanks, i thnk you have answered my main concern, it seems like you
> can't
>> really mount the virtual cdrom on a running server. it needs to be
> dfined
>> and then booted to?
> No it can be mounted run-time. At least it works fine here. We're 
> using DL360 and DL380's and FreeBSD 6.1
> brgrds
> Oystein Kaldhol
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