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thanks, i thnk you have answered my main concern, it seems like you can't 
really mount the virtual cdrom on a running server. it needs to be dfined 
and then booted to?

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On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Øystein Kaldhol wrote:

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> >my comabny just upgrade ilo licenses on all of my machines. the new
> >version has something called a virtual cdrom. Has anyone used this? I
> >
> >tried using it today, but it didn't seem to do anything. Is it
> >supposed to
> >create a new entry in /dev or does it replace the onboard cd device?
> The ILO virtual media will appear as a physical device to the OS. Since
> it is accessible under boot, we use it to remote install servers. Plug in
> power & ILO, and install from the cdrom(or an image) on your local
> computer. Since this uses HTTP/SSL it can be done over the internet. I
> just used it to install 6.1 on one of our systems.
> It does not replace the onboard cd device as far as I know, it acts just
> as another device. Note that in addition to mounting local CD's, you can
> also mount image files, virtual floppies etc etc.
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