Problems with compiling java programs on FreeBSD from ports

Super Bisquit superbisquit at
Tue Apr 3 14:43:17 UTC 2012

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 2:11 AM, Greg Lewis <glewis at> wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 08:20:05PM -0400, Super Bisquit wrote:
> > Here is where the problem becomes apparent.
> >
> > file /usr/local/java/jre/bin/java
> >  /usr/local/java/jre/bin/java: Mach-o executable ppc
> > brandelf -t FreeBSD /usr/local/java/jre/bin/java
> > brandelf: file '/usr/local/java/jre/bin/java' is not ELF format
> >
> > Mr. Lewis, do you know who created the package? I'd like to be able o
> work
> > with him/her to make a native FreeBSD one.
> I said up front this was a MacOS X/ppc package that I was providing as an
> example that Zero worked on PowerPC (with a code base that supported
> FreeBSD).
> I'll repeat this once more.  The code base is likely very close to
> supporting FreeBSD/ppc using the Zero VM.  The hard part is going to
> be doing the bootstraping for the initial build.  Here is a link to a
> post that goes into some of the details on how you can accomplish this.
> It's what I did when I did a FreeBSD/sparc64 port using Zero.
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Please believe me when I say that i do not have neither an i386 nor an
amd64 machine to do such. None here belong to me nor do I have the
permission to change what is on them. I have only the RISC- Power, Sparc64-
at my disposal.
I would like to try building from the mercurial source; however, I am not
currently finding the proper hg pull/clone instructions. I may find them
after I send this email.

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