Is it able to boot freebsd9 ppc on IBM system p5+?

Gennady G. Marchenko gennady.marchenko at
Tue Oct 19 14:35:22 UTC 2010

  19.10.2010 17:55, Nathan Whitehorn ?????:
> On Oct 19, 2010, at 7:24 AM, Gennady G. Marchenko wrote:
>> Hi!
>> We have "system p5 520" ( 
>> system, and I found information there that FreeBSD9-Current now 
>> support Power5-64.
>> So could we boot our System p5 520 with it?
> At present, no: the PCI controller is currently unsupported due to 
> historical lack of access to hardware. Andreas Tobler is currently 
> working on a port to a similar machine, if you are willing to wait a 
> little while. It might also help if you were willing to provide remote 
> access to the HMC for a few weeks to a month.
> -Nathan
Thanks for the answer Nathan. I'm glad to hear it. At present I tried to 
start boot it from CD/DVD and fail with message  "AA060011, /No OS 
image/ was /detected by firmware/. " ISOs I got from

for both of it the error was same - is it normal or I did something wrong?

I'll try to give you access to the HMC if you can give me a link to DOCs 
"how to setup it" or explain it shortly.


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