can't partition disk using sys-install

jordan force j19force93 at
Wed Dec 29 02:54:20 UTC 2010

Hi all,

So I'm trying to install FreeBSD on an old iBook G4, that was running Debian
(uggghhh!). I tried to put FreeBSD on it, but I kept getting an error while
partitioning, and looking at the release notes, it appears that it can't
partition the discs using sys-install, and it says that I have to use
gparted. My only question is: can I access parted from the FreeBSD? or would
I have to burn an ubuntu live cd from here:, boot into that, and
open up Gparted to partition. Also, does gparted on the Ubuntu CD support
ufs (Unix File System)?



P.S. I lost my OS X install CD, so that is of no use

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