FreeBSD on my old rusty PowerBook 12"

Ed Schouten ed at
Wed Oct 29 19:05:58 UTC 2008

Hello all,

A couple of days ago I saw a commit flash by, which added ADB support to
FreeBSD. This means I can finally use FreeBSD on my old PowerBook 12",
which is doing nothing right now.

I tried to install FreeBSD on the system and it somewhat works, but I
think I need to do something differently to get it working properly.

I downloaded the 200810 snapshot, which does not support ADB, so I'm
using an USB keyboard right now. Good enough. When I get into the
installer, it seems there is some kind of hard-coded disk layout. I only
have ad0s2 and ad0s3, where ad0s2 is 128 MB and ad0s3 is the rest of the
disk. I can't create any more partitions. So right now I've put / on
ad0s2 and /usr on ad0s3, which is pretty awful.

About boot loaders: I just booted from the harddisk by running in the
ofw console:

	boot cd:\boot\loader hd:2

But I want to have a boot loader on the harddisk itself. I read
something about putting a HFS partition on the disk and storing a file
in it? Is that what ad0s2 is for?

Sorry if I'm asking silly questions, but this is the first time I
installed FreeBSD on something different than {i386,amd64,sparc64}.

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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