ADB support?

Andreas Tobler andreast-list at
Thu Oct 9 15:46:48 UTC 2008

Hi Nathan,

Nathan Whitehorn wrote:

>> I'm wondering how the ADB keyboard support is coming along?
>> The last thing I've seen on this list is from July.
> I've been stymied by a lack of hardware. It works great on my PowerMac 
> G3, but that has a different controller chip (CUDA) than the one 
> everybody wants support for (PMU, found in laptops). My current work is 
> here:
> It has a PMU driver, which may just work. Of course, it more likely 
> won't... Motivated people are welcome to hack it, and I'd appreciate any 
> reports. To add this support, apply the patch to sys on a recent 
> -CURRENT, add the following to your kernel config, and recompile:
> device cuda
> device pmu
> device adb

I guess 'device adb' only, is ok, right?

Btw, do you have the viareg.h somewhere? I miss it while building the 
above patch.


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