aoa driver

Marco Trillo marcotrillo at
Sat Nov 15 09:24:04 PST 2008


I've uploaded a tarball with the new version of the 'aoa' (apple
onboard audio) driver. This version makes use of the new "aoagpio"
device available in -current, replacing the ad-hoc GPIO routines of
the previous version. Also the debug printfs are disabled. Otherwise
it is the same as the previous version.

The tarball: <>
An additional patch for some PowerBooks:

The supported devices are Burgundy, Screamer, Tumbler, and Snapper.
Thanks to everyone who tested the previous versions!

Some missing stuff (hardware which I don't have, or features I'm not
interested in adding at the moment):

- Recording is not supported.
- The 'Onyx' codec (found mainly on G5 machines and some PowerBooks)
is not supported. It should be easy to add, as it is just another I2S
- The 'Daca' found on the clamshell iBooks is not supported.
- The Mac Mini should be supported but without volume control (always
full-scale output). The Mac Mini does not have hardware with analog
volume support. The FreeBSD sound framework supports digital volume
control, but the current driver does not enable it if no hardware
support is available.


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