FreeBSD on PPC embedded on Xilinx FPGA

Won De Erick won.derick at
Fri May 16 10:06:42 UTC 2008

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your reply. 
I didn't know that there is Virtex6 coming with support on 440-based cores! That's a nice info.

At this point in time, Virtex4 (ML 403) is all what I have. It's a bit behind from yours. And i want to play around with this board to work with FreeBSD.
Will it be a lot of work? 

I would like to start with some reference. hope you can help me on this.



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Hi Won,

> I noticed that PPC is well integrated in the Xilinx XPS for FPGA
> applications. There also RTOS that are integrated in the studio like
> uClinux, VxWorks, XIkernel, standalone, etc. Will it be possible for
> FreeBSD also?

  At the moment, no.

> My companion has been used to FreeBSD, and porting it to work on
> Xilinx FPGA (w/ the PPC embedded) would be a lot of an advantage.
> Anyone who can shed me some light?

  Virtex 4/5 parts have 405-based hardcores, which FreeBSD doesn't yet 
support. The Virtex 6 will support 440-based cores, which FreeBSD does 
support on Freescale parts. It would still be some work to support 
Xilinx's soft-IP peripherals.

  I have a Virtex 4 with a 405 hard core, as well as an IBM Walnut 405 
eval, so with the recent work by Rafal and co on getting U-boot support 
for FreeBSD, maybe something will finally happen on the 405 front.




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