BMAC Ethernet Driver

Nathan Whitehorn nathanw at
Wed Apr 9 16:00:19 UTC 2008

Peter Grehan wrote:
 > Hi Nathan,
 >> Apple PMU and SMU devices, probably among others, use macio gpio 
lines for interrupts instead of the IRQs listed in the OF interrupts 
property. These lines aren't children of the devices, and so their 
interrupts are not associated with them by the regular probes.
 >> Is the correct way to handle this:
 >  ...
 >> b) Having a macgpio device like NetBSD has that collects these and 
forwards them to the appropriate handlers?
 >  This would get my vote. I would think the gpio device would register 
itself, perhaps with it's macio parent, and clients would access it 
through kobj methods. These would include interrupt forwarding, and GPIO 

The trouble here is that SMU isn't a macio child, so it wouldn't pick up 
the GPIO kobj methods.

 >  How does the SMU use the GPIO's ? Just toggling ?

Yeah. It also reads them from time to time, which the onboard audio 
stuff does too (to sense headphone connections and the like).

 >> This would involve the gpio device and remote interrupt handler
 >> knowing about one another.
 >  Hopefully it is a one-way path with the gpio device knowing nothing 
about the users that call it.

Yes, I think that would be ideal. I'm not quite sure how to do it 
though. Having a second gpio driver for each device that attaches to 
macgpio and can find its partner by internal logic could work. Or global 
calls into macgpio.

Also, is there a way to find a FreeBSD device given an OF phandle? For 
SMU, the GPIO lines it needs to care about are listed as device handles 
under /smu. So an SMU attachment would need to figure out the macgpio 
device and GPIO line to watch from the OF handle. I don't know how this 
works for PMU.

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