BMAC Ethernet Driver

Nathan Whitehorn nathanw at
Wed Apr 2 07:53:46 PDT 2008

I've refreshed the BMAC tarball at

It supports multicast and full-duplex operation now, the code is a 
little more style(9) compliant, and I don't think I have anything left 
to do unless someone finds some bugs. The patch to macio is also now 
included in the tarball.

To support full-duplex operation, I had to do a hack to reset 
autonegotiation on the PHY (firmware puts the PHY in a weird state where 
its registers claim it did autonegotiation, but it always ends up in 
half-duplex mode). This is done in this way:

         sc->sc_mii = device_get_softc(sc->sc_miibus);
         LIST_FOREACH(child, &sc->sc_mii->mii_phys, mii_list) {

Is a better course to modify lxtphy's attach routine to do this there? 
Or should this stay in bm?

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