SMP; autoboot

Ben Rosengart at
Mon Oct 17 21:59:35 PDT 2005

On Sun, Oct 16, 2005 at 12:33:23PM +1000, Peter Grehan wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> >1. Is SMP supported on freebsd-ppc?
>  Nope :(
>  It may not be too difficult. The ppc port is mostly based on the 
> sparc64 port so all the synchronization primitives are there. I 
> personally don't have any MP h/w.

I have hardware I can loan for this purpose; anyone interested
should contact me off-list.  (If I lend out that hw, I'll have to
install FreeBSD on my Cube -- has anyone tried that?)

> >2. What can I put in my NVRAM settings to make the system boot to
> >   FreeBSD?  As it is, I have auto-boot?=false, and when
> >   the OF prompt comes up, I type "boot hd:loader hd:6".
>  There's been some discussion and experimentation with this. Have a 
> look at Dario Freni's blog, 'FreeBSD on the Mac Mini', and how he 
> created a CHRP boot script.

Thanks ... hm, with the CHRP script, he has to type

  0 > boot hd:,\freebsd.tbxi

while I type

  0 > boot hd:loader hd:6

without a script.  It's not at all clear to me that he's better off
than I am.  :-)

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