MiniMac and Xorg

Tilman Linneweh arved at
Thu Mar 24 15:05:02 PST 2005

Hello Peter & Co.

First thanks for your work on the powerpc-port. Today I installed FreeBSD
with the miniinst.iso on my 1,4 Ghz MiniMac. 

I installed the xorg-packages i found on your homepage, but they
crash my machine. I found a file called kernel.xorg on your page, but
unfortunately this one just panics with:
pmap_bootstrap: can't get ofw translation count

Does xorg already work on powerpc?

(BTW the usb Keyboard does not work inside DDB...)

I tried to compile my own world/kernel, but gcc crashes during compile. 
>From reading the mailinglist archive I was under the impression that 
I don't need to cross compile anything.


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