Minor issues of time on PPC

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Tue Jul 19 05:02:52 GMT 2005

I've noticed a few minor issues with tracking the present time
on my Mac-mini.

First, it seemed that every time the system reboots, ntpdate has
had to correct the time.  And it's often off by minutes -- even
if the system had just rebooted and the previous reboot had just
corrected the time.  And if I do a 'date' immediately after a
reboot, it does display the present time.

Second, while ntpdate does seem to correct the time just fine, it
seems that /usr/sbin/ntpd can't quite keep my Mac at the right time.
For instance, in my last reboot it seems the clock drifted about 50
seconds after being up for five hours.  Hmm.  I just noticed that
ntpd is running with '-f /var/db/ntpd.drift' -- but that file does
not exist.  But then, it doesn't exist on my other freebsd machines,
and they all seem to keep accurate time.  Still, I'm going to try
creating that file and see if it does any good.

I find that if I boot into MacOS, and open up the date&time control
panel there to force a reset of the time, then the time will be
within a quarter-second of the correct time when I then reboot back
into FreeBSD.  So it seems that MacOS knows to set something in the
(firmware|PRAM) that FreeBSD isn't setting?

Sorry this isn't as detailed as it might be.  I keep meaning to
write things like this which "don't seem quite right on PPC", but
never find the time to dig into the details...

(other examples:
   - locate doesn't seem to work at all, which I actually
     have started to look into a bit.
   - entries in /etc/hosts.allow to deny sshd might not be
     working right

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