Compiler patches no longer required in -CURRENT

Peter Grehan peterg at
Fri Jul 8 22:22:10 GMT 2005

Hi Torfinn,

>>FYI, the compiler now builds out of the tree, no more patches required
> If I read this correctly, this means I can just cvsup and then build
> world and all?

  Yep, even release :)

> Hmm, I wonder if there is a cvsup in default install snapshot...

  No cvsup yet, unless you want to dive into Modula-3 internals :(

  You can try csup, which has been reported to run on fbsd/ppc:

> BTW, is something wrong when the fan is blowing at full speed constantly
> when I'm running FreeBSD on my Mac mini?
> Or is this just where we are at this point in time?

  The idle loop spins at the moment where it really should put the 
processor in a sleep mode. To be fixed.



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