PPC miniinst.iso available

Peter Grehan grehan at freebsd.org
Mon Jan 3 04:47:57 PST 2005

Hi Phil,

> It works like a charm, I haven't been able to panic the system yet,
> (a G4-400 with 512 MB of RAM).  Been building a few ports (couldn't get
> cvsup to compile, the modula3 dependency is a bit daunting)

  I think cvsup would take a lot of work to get going - it needs
ppc support for modula3, I think.

> So far very few glitches, like kldxref not dealing very well with the PPC
> object files:
> kldkldxref: error while reading /boot/kernel/ipfw.ko: Bad address

  I'll check this one out. There are a couple of kld changes that
are in the miniinst, but not in CVS yet.

> And the fact that the disks are running in BIOSPIO mode,

  Yep, getting to that :)

> Since I'm in an adventurous mode, I'll try and see how much of X.org I
> can get built :)

  I built XFree86 client libs a while back and it seemed to work OK when
displaying remotely. For the server, it could be a bit difficult. When
I tried to build the XFree86 server, the patches needed quite a bit
of PPC support added (e.g. defining the byte-order etc). I guess it's
a cross between FreeBSD/Alpha and NetBSD/PPC.

> Nice work Peter and all the others!




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