FreeBSD on Xserve ?

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Sun Sep 12 02:30:06 PDT 2004


I'm planning on buying an Apple Xserve G5 bi-processor. I know mac os X (server)
is running on it and that's a modified version of freebsd. 
So here are my questions : 

- I've been using freebsd for a while now and if I buy the Xserve I'd very much
like to replace mac os X by a freebsd 5.2 / 5.3 if this is possible. My
motivations are that I want to make intensive use of Jails and Mandatory Access
Control (MAC). I'd also like to recompile the whole thing with stack protection
(if possible).

Yet I have no idea if Mac os X can run jails, and MAC (anyone an idea here ?),
but if not, I'd switch to Freebie.

So in general : 
- has anyone experienced the change
- would it be difficult to replace OS X by FreeBSD ?
- would it be possible to run these options (Jails,MAC,stack protection) on this
hardware ?

Thanks for the hints, because I'm a little lost.


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