Booting a 2nd rev 12" powerbook (1Ghz)

Peter Grehan grehan at
Tue Feb 3 14:16:07 PST 2004

Hi Peter,

> I thought I was seeing the same behavior when netbooting.  It does seem
> more likely to work with -v, but I have seen it not work with -v and once
> it did work without -v, so now I'm not so sure what's going on.  It seems
> strange that there is a gem driver problem and a cdrom driver problem
> simultaneously that are giving Frank and I the same issue for running
> init.

  If packets are on the wire, then I'd say the GEM driver is OK
and it is another problem.

> On a semi related note, what's the status of the hard drive's ide
> controller?  Is it being worked on?  How different is it from other
> supported controllers on previous powerbooks/ibooks?  Is it a lack of
> hardware thing or just a newness of hardware thing?  Just wondering.

  Lack of hardware. It seems to be a shift of the macio ATA controller
to PCI, so it's not a standard PCI-ATA device.  I'm not working on it,
but would be happy to guide anyone who wanted to have a crack at it.

> On a somewhat less related note, my sparc kernels are booting again after
> another cvsup, so I have a -current cross build machine now.  Has anyone
> tested cross-building powerpc from FreeBSD/sparc64?  I know with NetBSD
> there are (or were at least) certain random combinations of arches that
> didn't work real well for cross building.

  I've only done i386->ppc cross builds, but I don't think there would
be any problems with a sparc64->ppc build.



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