iBook powerpc FreeBSD

Peter Grehan grehan at freebsd.org
Thu Dec 4 20:26:36 PST 2003

> I'm a tad confused about the bmac stuff in general.  You said
> it was to support the ethernet port?  Is it a rework of something
> else (I've certainly been able to use my iBook ethernet port without
> issue...)?

  It's the built-in ethernet on the early iMacs, the beige G3,
and the B&W G3. iBooks use the gmac driver, which works fine.

> Also, not to throw more stuff onto your plate but you may
> remember we had a short discussion about the wireless card
> and the iBook modem a while back.  At the time you seemed to
> think that the wireless card wouldn't be too hard to get working;
> is that still on the docket or has it proven to be more difficult than
> you originally thought?  Or maybe it was forgotten in favor of
> more important architectural work?  (*NOT* pushing here -- just
> curious...)

  I did have a look, and the code that enables the wireless part
of the macio chip was quite hideous, so I thought I'd wait a while
until I'd worked out something less of a hack. The 'lost' code
has some mods to the top-level macio code to allow underlying
devices to enable/disable themselves without poking around in
address space that didn't belong to them, and this would have
made the wireless attachment a bit simpler. More code to resurrect
from dusty memory :-)



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