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Peter Grehan grehan at
Mon Dec 1 16:07:41 PST 2003

Hi Phil,

> 	This fixed my '\' character at the loader prompt

  That was caused by a Forth file being included and not understood
by the previous Forth-less loader.

 >panic: vn_pageout_flush: partially invalid page 0xe03b0440 index 0/1
 >	Stopped at   0x3496f3:      lwz r0, r1, 0x14

  I get this panic when untarring on my 128Mb notebook (and the 64Mb
B&W G3 :). Still investigating.

  It's easy to reproduce on machines with more amounts of ram. Just
create a file larger than memory size, and then dd it to /dev/zero.
When running 'top', free memory gradually drops to zero, and when
the pager kicks in the panic happens.

 >VM activity seems to panic the system here and there.

  Is it the same panic ?

 >zstty0 and zstty1 are probed, but where the heck are these
 >located physically on a G4 ?

  One is the modem, the other one may not be connected.
There are third-party converters that bring out a standard serial
port (e.g. Griffin g4Port).



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