Project Status

Peter Grehan grehan at
Mon Dec 1 00:45:37 PST 2003

Hi Mark,

> hmmm - looks like I need to lead the loader by the nose :
> OK> set hw.syscons.disable=1
> OK> set currdev=hd:11
> OK> unload
> OK> boot /boot/kernel/kernel -s

  I think there's a binary mismatch between the new loader and
the syscons'd-kernel - "boot -s" works fine on an up-to-date
kernel. But at least there's workarounds - the other is to
"set boot_single=yes".

> [off to see if he can get multi user to work...]

  Don't forget to disable sendmail as per the instructions. I've
still to track down that problem. Also, with the openfirmware
console, full-screen editing really doesn't work. It's almost
better to edit the files offline, manually config the net interface
and ftp them across.



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