Build ports in chroot for i386 when booted with amd64 kernel?

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Thu May 24 10:50:32 UTC 2012

Is it feasible to chroot into an i386 environment when booted to FreeBSD amd64 for the purpose of building and installing ports for i386?

FreeBSD i386 would be installed to /compat/i386 directory or to a USB stick that could be mounted to this directory, or even a partition on a USB hard drive.

Reason for wanting to install to an external device would be the ability to run on an older, i386 computer with much less RAM and disk space than the new, amd64 computer.

Running on an i386 computer would of course require the i386 kernel.

I might model on what I see at but would add buildkernel and installkernel.


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