py27-kdebindings-pykde4-4.7.2 build error

Janos Dohanics web at
Sun May 20 20:43:01 UTC 2012

On Sun, 20 May 2012 15:26:25 -0300
Raphael Kubo da Costa <rakuco at> wrote:

> Janos Dohanics <web at> writes:
> > On Sun, 20 May 2012 12:08:13 -0300
> > Raphael Kubo da Costa <rakuco at> wrote:
> >> Before marking another port as MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE, I'd really like to
> >> know what error you were experiencing.
> >>
> >> Can you please build only with CMAKE_VERBOSE=1 and post the log so
> >> we can find out the actual error message you were having?
> >
> > Please see:
> >
> >
> Thanks. So the actual error seems to be this one:
>  /usr/local/bin/sip -t ALL -t WS_X11 -t Qt_4_7_2 -x VendorID -x
> PyQt_NoPrintRangeBug -g -j 8
> -c /usr/ports/devel/kdebindings4-python-pykde4/work/pykde4-4.7.4/sip/plasma
> -I /usr/local/share/py-sip
> -I /usr/ports/devel/kdebindings4-python-pykde4/work/pykde4-4.7.4/sip /usr/ports/devel/kdebindings4-python-pykde4/work/pykde4-4.7.4/sip/plasma/plasmamod.sip
> sip: Unable to find file "QtScript/QtScriptmod.sip" *** Error code 1
> (I'm guessing that the call to sip is that one, it's hard to tell
> because of the make jobs running in parallel).
> Which is interesting, because you do seem to have py27-qt4-script
> installed.
> Can you check it has the SIPFILES option enabled and that you have
> /usr/local/share/py-sip/QtScript/QtScriptmod.sip on your system? Could
> you also post the build output with CMAKE_VERBOSE _and_ parallel jobs
> disabled?

I have not had the SIPFILES option enabled:

# make showconfig
===> The following configuration options are available for
py27-qt4-script-4.8.5,1: API=off "Install QtScript API for QScintilla2"
     DEBUG=off "Enable debugging in generated code"
     SIPFILES=off "Install the QtScript SIP files"
     TRACING=off "Enable tracing in generated code"
===> Use 'make config' to modify these settings

# ls -al /usr/local/share/py-sip/QtScript/QtScriptmod.sip
ls: /usr/local/share/py-sip/QtScript/QtScriptmod.sip: No such file or


Failed again - now I'm confused: a few hours ago I just built this port
successfully with the same flags (?)

Also, just noticed that my subject line is incorrect: I was trying to
build py27-kdebindings-pykde4-4.7.4_1 upgrading from
py27-kdebindings-pykde4-4.7.2 - sorry for being inattentive.

Janos Dohanics

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