PHP 5.4.0 : lang/php54

Svyatoslav Lempert svyatoslav.lempert at
Tue May 15 15:06:11 UTC 2012

2012/5/15 Olivier Mueller <om-lists-bsd at>:
>> >> FreeBSD 8.3 is done, please commit update lang/php5 to PHP 5.4 to
>> >> portstree. Thank you in advance.
>> >
>> > I'm just waiting for final release of suhosin (both patch and extension)
>> > to commit the update.
>> Do you know the release date of suhosin for this version? Stefan Esser
>> did not make any changes in git repo
>> more than a month and did not
>> answer to email. Maybe should do without it?
> It seems there is still some activity, check for example the comments:
> "Just as a reminder that PHP 5.4.x is not yet supported.
> Current tree compiles against it, without disabling features.
> However some problems with the dropped variable statistics and the
> session module."
> and :
> "Initial support" means that it now compiles against PHP 5.4 in a
> correct way. However PHP 5.4 has a myriad of code changes and therefore
> stuff might still be broken.
> It is already known that there is a problem with sessions and gallery."
> So it will probably take a while...  (which is fine for me, I'll have to
> switch to lang/php53 anyway then).

So I think we need release a new version without suhosin patch and
check the compatibility of all ports that depend on it (before), and
then when suhosin will appear (if there), then simply add it to the

For me personally actual version 5.2 (for really old scripts that are
used by our customers and I support this version in backports) and the
new version 5.4 for new installations


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