textproc/p5-XML-SAX: prerequisite XML::SAX::Base 1.05 not found

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at gwdg.de
Wed May 9 09:19:42 UTC 2012

Am 09.05.2012 10:20 (UTC+1) schrieb Kurt Jaeger:
> Hi!
>> When I try to update textproc/p5-XML-SAX I get the following warning:
> [...]
>> Warning: prerequisite XML::SAX::Base 1.05 not found. We have 1.04.
> [...]
>> This happens on several boxes with recent 10.0-CURRENT (amd64). Does
>> anyone else see this behaviour?
> Yes. The fix seems to be to install textproc/p5-XML-SAX-Base.
> Tested on 8.3-REL-amd64

As Kurt Jaeger suggested in PM, deinstalling textproc/p5-XML-SAX-Base, 
reinstalling it and then installing p5-XML-SAX, fixes it.

Many thanks!

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