HEADS UP: ports/ and 10.0-CURRENT

Ade Lovett ade at FreeBSD.org
Tue Sep 27 06:29:16 UTC 2011

> It just means that folks didn't plan ahead and didn't think up
> proper contingency plans.

First off, apologies to Garrett, I'm not picking on you directly, but I
kinda knew this would come up.

The undeniable fact is that configure scripts in general have chosen to
do things a certain way.  Unfortunately for us (us being FreeBSD), we
have now broken these conceptions by moving to a dual-digit major

Emails have been passed around (somewhere starting around the 7.x
series when it became obvious we would be hitting 10.x a lot sooner
than expected).  It is no-one's fault that 23,000+ third party
applications couldn't be tweaked prior to a trivial change
in /sys/conf/newvers.sh that resulted in this "oops".

The message I wanted to set across is that until such time as us ports
folks have had a chance to really work out the damage, and start on
fixing it, then for those running 10-CURRENT, things are likely to be
non-linear for a while.

Our primary responsibility right now is to ensure that a proper set of
packages gets built for the impending 9.0-RELEASE.  We haven't
forgotten you bleeding edge folks, it's just that right now, you're
somewhat down the food chain.

Make no mistake.  This move to a double-digit major version number is
going to cause serious pain.  We will do our best to fix, hack, slash,
and whatever around it, but right now the focus is the last of our
remaining single-digit releases.  Until that is out the door, do not be
expecting tree-wide commits to fix things.


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