Updating: gnome-schedule

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov cvs-src at yandex.ru
Sat Sep 24 21:34:18 UTC 2011

Ruslan Mahmatkhanov wrote on 25.09.2011 00:20:
> Jerry wrote on 24.09.2011 23:46:
>> I was wondering if there are any plans to update
>> "sysutils/gnome-schedule"? The port version is: "2.1.1", released on
>> 2009-09-11. The latest version is: gnome-schedule-2.1.5 released on
>> 2011-09-03. In any event, there have been several versions released
>> prior to this latest one.
> Here is the patch. I'll submit pr when test it for some time.

Here is updated patch:

- fix plist
- respect WITHOUT_NLS
- add WITHOUT_APPLET, since applet will work only with gnome2 and we 
will need convenient option for gnome3 users.

Periodic tasks work well for me, one-time tasks - work well too, but 
doesn't come up to g-s listing, because regex for our atq is incorrect.

As far i understand, you are now using gnome-schedule 2.1.1. Does 
one-time tasks work for you (after adding your username to 
/var/at/at.allow)? Do you see them in gnome-schedule tasks list?


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