Thank you (for making the ports less boring).

Chris Rees utisoft at
Thu Sep 15 20:08:31 UTC 2011

On 15 Sep 2011 20:52, "Matthias Andree" <matthias.andree at> wrote:
> Am 15.09.2011 21:36, schrieb Łukasz Wąsikowski:
> > BTW: You hate having a software update break your software. I hate when
> > software updates turn off services on my servers. That's another thing
> > portage do better - update won't turn off any service. You are supposed
> > to restart services manually after doing etc-update. Speaking of which -
> > another good idea worth adopting.
> Few ports stop services when getting deinstalled/upgraded, so it may be
> worth pinging the affected ports' maintainers about it.

Really? I thought it was supposed to be standard behaviour- the @stopdaemon
line in pkg-plist facilitates that.

I know the old pkg tools won't do this, but perhaps pkgng could have an
option to disable stopping if desired....


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