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Wed Sep 14 19:15:55 UTC 2011

Quoth Tony Mc on Wednesday, 14 September 2011:
> On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 21:27:22 +0200
> Michal Varga <varga.michal at> wrote:
> > I have no other words beyond that because I can't even seriously
> > imagine what those people stating how everything is perfectly fine
> > now consider to be a working, modern, 24/7 ready desktop workstation.
> I am interested to know what you regard as a modern 24/7 ready desktop
> workstation.  Seriously, I would like to know what you think I am
> missing by being happy with FreeBSD.  I manage to read stuff, write
> stuff, print stuff, listen to stuff, watch stuff, backup stuff, archive
> stuff, burn CDs and DVDs - what am I missing?  I use tcsh
> and command-line tools and Emacs and org-mode and LaTeX and claws-mail
> and Firefox and Rhythmbox and JPilot to sync with my Palm TX.  When
> people send me Microsoft Office documents I even use LibreOffice
> occasionally.  I use XFCE4 as my desktop environment and switch virtual
> desktops to focus on different kinds of activity. The computer runs
> 24/7 and performs housekeeping tasks overnight and is there again in
> the morning when I need to start work.
> I suppose my needs aren't that sophisticated - but I also wonder if
> what is missing is truly sophistication or simply different ways of
> accomplishing existing tasks.  So if you have the time I would genuinely
> be interested to learn what a modern desktop machine now needs or
> offers.
> Best,
> Tony

By contrast, I avoid the GUI stuff as much as I can.  I use a tiling
window manager and almost everything I do, from writing code to listening
to music, happens in a terminal window.  My editor is vim, and my MUA is
mutt.  Yet as different as our desktop experiences are, FreeBSD powers
them both.  One of the reasons I like FreeBSD for the desktop is that I
can make it anything I want.  With Windows, I have to accept how Windows
works -- the ability to customize that experience is extremely limited.

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