CFT: security/openssh-portable 5.8p2

Grzegorz Blach magik at
Sun Sep 11 22:54:26 UTC 2011

After became a new maintainer of security/openssh-portable,
I updated it to 5.8p2 version.
My paches fixes several problems repoted to this port:
- ports/144597: Kerberos knob work again
- ports/150493: Port updated to (almost) recent version
- ports/160389: Port build fine on FreeBSD 9.x
- ports/156926: Suffix isn't changed with knobs

Next problem can't be fixed:
- ports/155456: LPK patch wasn't updated upstream

Current snapshot can be downloaded from:

Anyone who have time and desire, please check if everything is working
in this port and report bugs to me.

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