flashplugin does not work anymore

David Demelier demelier.david at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 14:35:18 UTC 2011

On 17/10/2011 12:25, Luchesar V. ILIEV wrote:
> On 17/10/2011 13:10, David Demelier wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My flash plugin has been broken a few days ago, now each time I try to
>> access a flash content I can see the following output:
>> (npviewer.bin:2177): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0
>> *** NSPlugin Wrapper *** ERROR: failed to initialize plugin-side RPC
>> client connection
>> NOTE: child process received `Goodbye', closing down
>> I use the latest linux-f10-flashplugin-10.3r183.10 version.
>> Do you have any idea?
>> Cheers,
> It looks exactly like the problem introduced with the last patch to the
> base system...
> http://security.freebsd.org/advisories/FreeBSD-SA-11:05.unix.asc
> "The patch provided with the initial version of this advisory exposed
> the pre-existing bug in FreeBSD's linux emulation code, resulting in
> attempts to use UNIX sockets from linux applications failing.  The most
> common instance where UNIX sockets were used by linux applications is
> in the context of the X windowing system, including the widely used
> linux "flash" web browser plugin."
> So, perform whatever type of updating you typically use to apply the
> fixed patch.
> HTH,
> Luchesar

Forget my last message, I restarted firefox and it works. Thanks

David Demelier

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