KDE3 de facto EOL, Project Trinity?

Krutov Mikle neko at takino.org
Wed Oct 12 10:27:27 UTC 2011

> Hello, 
> --
Hi list!
> Judging from latest commits, KDE3 moved
> swiftly from "stall, but usable" to explicitly 
Im very interested in supporting KDE3 to live on FreeBSD
But have a lack of any programming experience and so, 
so just Im scared of it. If anyone could take a lead or
something, I will be there to contribute. 
Probably I will try to find some time to write the ports
for Trinity DE, but I do not like the idea of Preston to
rewrite KDE3 to Qt4 (see no profits & so on).
> best regards, 
> - Jakub Lach

best regards,
	- Krutov Mikle

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