Vim does not build with ruby19 (since ruby19 does not install the ruby command)

Nali Toja nalitoja at
Tue Oct 11 19:36:31 UTC 2011

Zhihao Yuan <lichray at> writes:

>> Zhihao Yuan wrote on 11.10.2011 17:56:
>>  Hi,
>>> I specified RUBY_DEFAULT_VER=1.9 in /etc/make.conf, and rebuild everything
>>> relates to ruby, and I found the successfully built Vim lacks of the ruby
>>> support.
>>> By default, vim requires the 'ruby' command when building WITH_RUBY=1, but
>>> ruby19 does not install the command.
>>> One solution is that to install the command as a symbol link, and mark
>>> ruby-1.8 and ruby-1.9 as conflicts.
>>> Another one only works for vim, to set the '--with-ruby-command=ruby19' as
>>> a
>>> configure args.
>>> Any comments?
>> I'd check if we already have ${PREFIX}/bin/ruby, and if not - install
>> symlink. If ${PREFIX}/bin/ruby is already there - install just ruby1X. This
>> can be added to both ruby ports.
> I suggest that to make the 'ruby' command obey the RUBY_DEFAULT_VER setting,
> like what python ports do.

lang/ruby19 has this:

  INSTALLED_SCRIPTS=	irb erb rdoc ri ruby testrb
  # Link just installed "ruby" to "ruby18", etc.
          ${LN} -f ${PREFIX}/bin/${FILE}${RUBY_SUFFIX} ${PREFIX}/bin/${FILE}
  . endfor

Does it work for you?

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