FYI: BerliOS will be closed on 31.12.2011

Rodrigo OSORIO rodrigo at
Wed Oct 5 19:53:03 UTC 2011


I can maintain a second berlinos mirror as long as need at this address to provide a 
more redundant solution. I actually mirrored Dmitry's repo.

Rodrigo OSORIO

On 10/05/11 17:33, Dmitry Marakasov wrote:
> * Ruslan Mahmatkhanov (cvs-src at wrote:
>>> I've mirrored (seemingly) all the distfiles we fetch from berlios here:
>>> so by the moment of cutoff MASTER_SITE_BERLIOS may just be changed to
>>> and some individual ports' Makefiles (namely slim-themes and ngircd)
>>> tweaked.
>>> That's only 217M, so there's no much problem.
>> Thanks a lot, Dmitry. Are you planning to keep this distfiles mirror
>> up-to-date till the 01.01.2012?
> I think I'll also fetch newer distfiles for the software I've
> mirrored if there are any, for the case some ports (not on the
> latest versions currently) are updated.
> Beyond that, I think only a final check in late December will be
> needed to ensure the mirror is complete, as live projects will move
> to other hostings and dead project will not release any new versions.

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