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Mon Nov 28 16:10:53 UTC 2011

On 16/11/2011 08:52, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> How about something like the attached?  Rather than adding to the INDEX,
>> >> values to pkg-message, creating one if the port doesn't already have it.

So I spent a bit of time polishing up my idea and have submitted it:

> Won't work for my use case, which is 'portmaster -L --index-only'

With this change you could display the pkg-message with all the flags
for DEPRECATION etc. before doing any package update.  You'ld have to
download the package tarball first though.

Anyhow, as an aside from all that, while working on this I discovered
that some 1958 ports contain explicit code which is some variation on


Surely a candidate for genericizing and factoring out into
 Except that some hundred-ish of those ports are non-trivial to modify
simply by running a script, due to conditionalising the display of
pkg-message on other settings, or using pkg-message for messages at the
pre-build stage or other oddities.



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