net/isc-dhcp41-server: please bump revision

Andriy Gapon avg at
Sun Nov 27 12:44:22 UTC 2011

It looks like the revision has not been bumped after the fix for FreeBSD 10 in

I had already prepared the following email when I noticed that the installed rc
script and the one in the port were different.

Subject: net/isc-dhcp42-server: rc script is no freebsd-10 aware
FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT amd64

/etc/rc: WARNING: dhcpd_devfs_enable disabled -- not available
/etc/rc: ERROR: unable to copy directory /dev to /var/db/dhcpd/dev

if test `uname -r | cut -c 1` -le 6; then

Andriy Gapon

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